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Tribal Arrangements by Angelia Vernon Menchan is the third story in the Tribal Wife series. Selina is still pregnant and married to two wealthy men. However, as she takes full control of the household, some unexpected relatives are uncovered. While the news could and would have unnerved a weak minded person, Selina stumbled a little, but she regained her composure and handled ger business.

Sabrina, Selina’s younger sister, now lives in the lap of luxury after living like an animal for so many years. She doesn’t care that Selina’s husband, Leon, is her rich father. She only cares about what she believes is her inheritance. Does she have one? Will she get anything? Can she ever be satisfied with simply having family to call her own and love?

Mrs. Menchan keeps me coming back for more and wondering about these characters. Not one of them are perfect. That’s life in its truest form…imperfection. I recommend Tribal Arrangements to readers looking for something new and entertaining to read.

The author provided a .PDF copy for review purposes.

Jennifer Coissiere
Words Mosaic Review

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