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Don’t Mess With Her Family

Tribal Affiliations: Tribal Wife Fourth by Angelia Vernon Menchan

The Tribal Wife serial fiction reminds me of a television mini-series, like a sitcom. I cannot get enough of these characters. I almost want to say “This week on Tribal Wife…” The fourth book in the series is Tribal Affiliations by Angelia Vernon Menchan. Selina has to deal with an unexpected lost. She hires the perfect person to go on the hunt for the person who has changed her world a little. She is constantly surprising people with her strength and the ruthlessness.

Sylvester is doing some shady business. He is so busy trying to cover his own behind, that he does not realize who’s going to know already does. Unfortunately, he is all consumed with keeping the person he thinks will out him the fastest quiet. What is he hiding?

I am totally invested in the Tribal Wife series. The characters are either likable or despised. I cannot wait for the stories that will come in the near future featuring these characters. I recommend readers of dramatic fiction to start from the beginning and catch up. They will not be disappointed.

The author provided a .PDF version for review purposes.

Jennifer Coissiere
Words Mosaic Review

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