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Silent Cry by Dwayne D. Birch


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Heading: K’wan’s Voice

Silent Cry by Dwayne D. Birch is the sequel to Beneath the Bruises. K’wan Taylor is in a residential treatment facility trying to heal his emotional pain, after stabbing his father several times. As a 14 year-old male, K’wan had become accustomed to seeing his father beating his mother severely. He promised he would protect her and he did. His actions stole his innocence as well as his voice.

K’wan is in a facility where he is surrounded by other young men dealing with their own issues that landed them in there. Their other option was to go to prison and serve their time. K’wan wants nothing more than to return to his family and school, but first he needs to face his demons. His silence keeps him from facing everything and stating his fear. As if he is not dealing with enough, there is a guy who does not think it is okay to pick on K’wan because he is quiet and does what is expected of him; everything but sharing in group. How far will this bullying go? Will K’wan continue to sit idle, allowing others to threaten him every chance they get?

K’wan’s parents are patiently awaiting his reentry into the speaking world. They want more than anything for him to forgive them. They both take responsibility for their part in K’wan being locked away. However, will he ever find his voice again? Can he forgive them and move on with his life? Who is he really punishing with his silence?

I did not read Beneath the Bruises and I do not feel like I needed to. Mr. Birch did a good job of weaving in the background details of the first book into this one. Through the eyes of these characters, I saw how abuse truly affects the entire family. The emotional scares were as visible as any physical ones. I like that the author touched on the fact that anyone can be the abuser. I recommend Silent Cry to readers who want to have their eyes opened about the true effects of abuse.

The publisher provided a copy for review purposes.

Jennifer Coissiere

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