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No One is Perfect

Flaw Less by Shana Burton


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Heading: No One is Perfect

The friends are back again and like before Lawson Kerry Banks, Sullivan Webb, Reginell Kerry, Kina Battle and Angel King are living the life of mistakes and secrets. These women need lots of prayers as they go through life in Shana Burton’s Flaw Less.

One would believe that Angel is finally in a place where happiness is her best friend, however, living in the shadow of Duke’s deceased wife is sucking the joy out of them being back together. Angel believes in her heart that God brought Duke and her back together after he cheated on her, left and divorced her so he could be with Reese. It was Reese’s wish to get them back together once she passed on. Reese believed Angel and Duke would be able to raise her daughters and give them the family and stability they needed. However, is this situation what Angel needed?

Garrett wants nothing more than for Lawson to get pregnant, finally giving him the child he has always wanted. However, Lawson is in knee deep with work and school, not to mention being a mother to her teenage son. Garrett loves his stepson, however that does not take away the longing he has to be a father. They are trying, but every month it is the same thing. What could be the reason behind them not being able to conceive?

Kina is still struggling with all that has happened in the last few years. She is looking for love all over the place. She turns in different directions trying to find the love she wants and believes she need to survive. When a crazy notion fills her head, Kina does something that affects more than just her life. What did she do? Who does it affect? Can they get pass the betrayal?

Sullivan wants a baby badly. She thinks it is what she needs to prove to her husband how much she has changed and how much she really loves him. Unfortunately, Charles is very distracted with work, so Sullivan’s plans for having a baby is constantly being pushed to the back burner. Sullivan is used to getting what she wants, when she wants it and wanting a baby is no different. How low will she stoop so she can have the baby she desires?

Reginell is still trying to get into the music business. Her sister and her friends want nothing more than for her to give up her life as a stripper and find a different way to get into the business. Like all the women in this friendship, she is not willing to veer off course. She will do anything she has to to make it. Due to her field of work, Reginell finds it hard to believe that a man will find her beautiful or truly be interested in her. What will Reginell do when a man wants to get to know her better?

Flaw Less is a story filled with interesting issues and the way they are dealt with by a strong bunch of women. I liked that none of the characters were perfect. Each woman went through something where her faith in God was tested. They all found their ever after in a distinctive way. I recommend Flaw Less to readers of Christian fiction and to people who believe Christians should be perfect in every way.

The publisher provided a copy for review purposes.

Jennifer Coissiere

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