Inkwell and Paper

The New Chair


Mahogany, straight back, firm build stood in the center of the room. I took it in from every angle possible. The space was not grandiose, more like simple, especially in comparison to such workmanship.

I wanted to touch it. I need to know what physical strength felt like. I bent over and peeked through my legs, seeing it in a different light.

I lowered myself into the chair and knew immediately what strength and comfort was supposed to be.

I combined two challenges. I used a writing prompt, which was to write about a chair. I also did my 79-words. I liked tying the two in. I believe this is writing prompt #4. I didn’t try the first three, but I may have to after doing this. I like when my mind does it’s own thing. I did not start out want to combine the two challenges it just happened that way.


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