Inkwell and Paper

Strong Black Woman

I haven’t written a poem in a very long time. It felt good writing this piece.


Pretty girl close your eyes

Don’t allow anyone to make you cry.

You are uniquely you

And there’s not a thing anyone can do.

Stand with your back straight

And walk with your head up high

Demand respect with every step that you take.

You are Rosa Parks way back when

Maya Angelou with a blue ink pen

Oprah Winfrey on the stage

You get your dream

You get your goal

You get a happy life.

You are Martin Luther King

Freedom bells ring, ring, ring

You are Dr. Charles Richard Drew

Mending broken hearts

You are President Barack Obama

The first African American to show it can be done.

You are the past, present and future

You represent your ancestors

You represent yourself

You represent your children

Who will one day make a mark in life.

Yes, my dear, you are where you should be

You’re right on time

You are needed

You are a leader

You are a strong Black woman.

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