Inkwell and Paper

You’re In – Prompt #1

The darkness encompassed Leon’s head. The suede bags placed over the pledges’ heads did not allow a pinch of light to sneak through.

“Pip squeaks,” yelled Big Brother Mike “Assume the position.”

Leon felt panicked up and through his body. He was well aware of the madness going on in other fraternities. He never thought that this would happen to him.

“Ah!” yelled one of the other men.

He wanted to run. His legs were shaking too much for him to even crawl away.

What have I gotten myself into he thought.

A pair of strong hands gripped his shoulders, making sure he couldn’t move or pull away.

He could feel someone’s minty warm breath on his face. It caressed his lips.

“Please…don’t hurt me,” he whispered. “I change my mind.”

“Stop being a baby and take it like a man,” was the response he received.

As his heart beat enter into his throat, Leon felt a light, almost airy kiss on his lips. He screamed and snatched the bag from over his head.

There standing before him was his girlfriend. In addition to her stood all his family members.

“What’s going on?” he asked as he looked around.

Big Brother Mike placed a hand around his shoulders. “We always end rush week with family and friends. We are not the kind of fraternity that beats you in and beat you out.”

Leon tried to grasps what he was told.

“Yes, baby you’re in.”


I’ve decided to be apart of another writing challenge. Writing stories, poetry, whatever based off of a prompt. If you want to be apart of it let me know and I will tell you what to do to join in the fun.

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