Inkwell and Paper

20 Facts About Me

I had to dig hard to find 20 things that were worth sharing.

I am…

1. a believer of and in God.

2. Jamaican.

3. married to a Haitian. (I’ve always thought we were a weird mix, but we gel well.)

4. unsure of myself at times. (Self doubt is a beast.)

5. a blunt and outspoken person. (As an introvert, I tend to think about what I am going to say before I say it. I don’t believe in going around in circles to share my thoughts. I give it straight.)

6. a first year teacher and a life-long learner.

7. a great listener to others.

8. a procrastinator.

9. skeptical of using the words love and friend.

10. a singer. (Stage fright is also a beast.)

11. a lover of gospel music. (I could listen to it all day every day.)

12. a team player.

13. a very emotional person. (The littlest thing will have me crying my eyes out.)

14. a lover of books. (For as long as I could remember, words on the page will hold my attention for hours.)

15. a natural hair girl for about 6 – 8 years. (I had locks twice. The third time will be a charm. I’m tired of messing with this thick mess on my head.)

16. terrified of getting on roller coasters. (I’ve been on them before. They make me physically sick to my stomach.)

17. a writer. (As much as I love reading, I enjoy writing. However, number 8 on this list is my biggest problem. I’m working on it.)

18. an introvert. (I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t think anyone believe me. I am the kind of person who shy away from others. I like being alone. I’m most comfortable when I am.)

19. afraid to watch scary movies. (They give me nightmares. However, I can read books that are scary. As long as it’s in the day time, I can watch The Shining. That to me is the scariest movie ever record thus far.)

20. blessed beyond words.

That’s enough about me for today.

Until next time, keep on smiling.

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