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Bruised Book Review

Title: Bruised by Stacy Deanne

5 stars

Heading: Dark Secrets

Detectives Lisa Swanson and Dee Quarter beginning Stacy Deanne’s Bruised are being handed their next murder case. The obvious suspect would be Jake Jenson, the person who found his good friend, Ernest Juarez in a way that a person with a good heart would not wish to see anyone. However, when the detectives assess the situation they question whether or not Jake could truly be the murderer they are searching for.

Jake is determined to find out who killed his best friend, but at the same time he is trying to catch the heart of tough Lisa. Lisa is dealing with some personal issues that stem from a past relationship. She has her heart guarded. Jake is not a man to give up on a quest, however, when she touches a nerve deep within him, he questions if she is even worth it.

Crimes, passion, and mysterious surprises are the words that best describe Bruised. Stacy is a talented writer and clearly studied what it takes to solve a crime. I thought I knew who the killer was, but it wasn’t until a few pages from the end I realized how wrong I was. This is a quick and entertaining read, especially the banter back and forth between Jake and the lady detective. If mystery and romance are the genres you enjoy Stacy Deanne will not disappoint you.

Jennifer Coissiere

Words Mosaic Reviews


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