Inkwell and Paper

I am Forgiving

Oftentimes we tend to hold on to things, angry with the world and that one individual that stole the light and joy for your already gloomy day. We walk around pouting like little babies. Head is hurting from the anger and hurt. Then it dawns on you, the person you’re mad at is living their life like it’s golden and you my dear are in hell.

2012-08-15 23.43.18

This artwork is very forgiving. You can turn your mistakes into part of the art. Forgive those who anger you and use the situation as a life lesson.

My affirmation:

It’s hard to do, believe me I know.

I forgive me for not forgiving you sooner.

I am not forgetting.

I am forgiving.

Until next time, forgive but don’t forget.


  socialmmmdiva wrote @

A great reminder that holding things in, somtimes hurts you too.

  bizarrejc wrote @

That it definitely does.

  LaShaunda wrote @

Forgiving is hard sometimes. Beautiful picture.

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