Inkwell and Paper

My Five Senses

I think the five senses is a weird topic for a blog post. If I was in a kindergarten classroom I would all on it with a few books helping me along the way.

This is from Amazon.

Or I could do hands on activities, where we taste, touch, listen, smell, and view things.

But alas this is about me at the moment.

Eyes: Looking above my glasses items/objects are a bit blurry. Through the lens, I can see clearly.

Ears: I can hear the ticking of my analog clock, the gusty wind blowing outside, my sons being extremely loud about a television show, an airplane flying over me, and a car driving by. If I listen pass all those things, I can pinpoint the eery silence.

Nose: I can smell the cool crisp air. I’m inside, but the air has a chill to it.

Mouth: I can taste the last bits of my mashed potatoes that I had for dinner.

Touch: I can feel everything and nothing.

How are your five senses currently?

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