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The Joneses Book Review


Title: The Joneses by Shelia Goss

Heading: A Family Affair

5 Stars

Shopping sprees, fancy cars, and luxurious homes are nice to have. Sometimes when we someone with an item that catches our eyes, we tend to want it really badly. All we see is the sparkles and the newness, but we really do not know how the owner receive the item or how they or living. All we know is, we see something we like and want it. I know when growing up, everyone heard about people trying to be like the Joneses. I did not have a clue who they were, but if they were like Royce and Lexi Jones and their three children, from Shelia Goss’s The Joneses, then I am not sure if I would say yes to their lifestyle.

Imagine the change of lifestyle Lexi had to go through when she found out the family business was almost broke. She did not want to go back to the life she had before she had married Royce. She did not want to look poor to her high-class frenemies and friends. In an attempt to save the family from the poor house, Lexi convinces her son Lovie to go to work with and for his father. Lovie was a CPA and she was certain he could figure out what went wrong.

Royce hated cutting off his daughters, Charity and Hope and most of all his loving wife, however, with some bad investments the money from the business was disappearing as he made it. Even though someone dies everyday, people were looking elsewhere for their burial services. He did not want to hire his son and get rid of his best friend, Jason. He felt Jason was doing a good job. However, Lexi did not see it his way. Who is right?

Each one of the three grown children had their own problems going on, but they did not complain too much when they were told what was going on. They were so consumed with their own lives they were caught completely off guard at some scandalous affairs. One thing people have to understand, no one better mess with the Joneses. They stick together no matter what. How many times will they be there for each other, if every time they turn around another secret is uncovered?

As I read The Joneses my mind kept going back to Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots. Ms. Goss could easily give Mr. Perry a run for his money if she turned this book into a series for television. I was invested from beginning to end. I did not want to stop reading it, because I wanted to know exactly what other webs were the Joneses going to get tangled up in. I recommend this book to anyone who likes reading about family drama tied up in scandals.

The author provided an uncorrected electronic proof for review purposes.

Jennifer Coissiere

Words Mosaic Review


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