Inkwell and Paper

Pet Peeves

I had to think really hard to find a pet peeve. However, I thought of a few.

Please do not et next to me if you make a ton of noises while you’re eating. Humans are not cows and they should not sound like they are eating cud.

Violation of personal space. It makes me feel some kind of way when someone is in my little space.

Getting a book back that I loaned someone with a broken spine or pages bent. I truly can’t deal with that at all.

My name being shortened makes me nuts. I don’t like my first name at all.

And last but not least…you know what I mean. Half the time I don’t and you lose me after the second you know what I mean, because I stop listening. I’m watching you lips and counting how many words you say before you say you know what I mean.

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