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Minutes Before Sunset Review

I learned about Shannon A. Thompson only because she had started following my blog. In turn, I began following hers. It’s been almost a year that we have been following each other. I’m not quite sure what I said that triggered her interest in what ramblings I have, but I’m happy we crossed each others path. If we didn’t I probably wouldn’t have known about her trilogy. She has been writing for as long as she could remember. She minds me of myself. She wrote because her mother told her to write to help her with her nightmares. I wrote to get my feelings out about the nightmare I was living. Check out her website here. She has a lot of great advice about writing and other interesting things. I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of Minutes Before Sunset to review. My review is below. Check out the review and the book when you get a chance. It’s good reading.Minutes Before Sunset by Shannon A. Thompson was an unexpected enjoyment young adult novel. We have all believe the light was always good and the dark was not so good. Well, Ms. Thompson goes against the grain by switching the position of the two. Eric Welborn is a shade. He is a member of the Dark and he is distant and angry. As I read, I understood the reason behind his anger. He was entitled to it, but that did not mean he had to also be a not quite a jerk, but close enough to one. What was his problem?

Jessica Taylor, moved to a new town, but it really is not a new town. Hayworth is where she was born and for some reason her adopted parents decided to move her back. With her return, the need to know more about her birth parents grows. She strikes a deal with her parents. Little did she know he end of the deal would depend on the angry Welborn. He cared about no one, but Jessica’s need was more important than he could guess. She would fight to get what she wanted. How will request to know more about her ancestry change her life?

Shoman and a nameless shade are getting to know each other. They are also defying the rules the Darks have. I could not help but to wonder if Shoman did this to have control, where he did not already possess any. His mission was to save his kind, but everyone around spoke in a manner that made him believe his life was the price he would have to pay to save the Darks. In a way he lived recklessly because he knew what his final outcome would be. Does he really know all of what is going on?

Ms. Thompson wrote from the point of view of her two main characters. I feel the first person point of view was essential to the telling of Minutes Before Sunset. Third person would have lost the emotions each character was going through. I cared about the secondary characters, but did not want to know how they were feeling. I enjoyed experiencing the joy and pain and every other emotion through the eyes of the two that mattered the most. I wish the story did not end.

I received an ebook copy for an honest review.

Jennifer Coissiere
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