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Seconds Before Sunrise Review

Shannon A. Thompson will one day be a famous New York Times Bestselling author. Her books are wonderfully written. I had the pleasure of reading the second book in her Timely Death Trilogy and I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the first book. Below you will find my review of the second book. To read my review on the first book see my previous post here. Also check out her blog, she has some interesting things to share. She interacts with her readers a lot. That’s another positive thing about her.

Shannon A. Thompson has successfully produce an equally as intense sequel as the first book in The Timely Death Trilogy. Seconds Before Sunrise begins with Jessica Taylor totally unaware of who she really was. She was a typical teenage, doing what teenagers do-hanging out with her friends. However, Jessica was experiencing some emotions and dreams that seemed all too real. She was embarrassed to tell anyone, but she did anyway. The most unlikely of people listened carefully without judgement and soothe her mind.

Eric Welborn was trying to do as he had promised. However, it is not very easy to stay away from the one you love when you are table mates in homeroom. Jessica talked to him with ease. She did not realize how anything she said or did affected him. He was a good friend to a certain extent. When something unexpectedly happened to Eric, Jessica was there to show she cared, even though she had no clue as to why she was doing it. She tried to deny what she was feeling until Crystal pointed it out to. What did all her feelings really mean?

Eric’s birthday was nearing. Everyone was on pins on needles. The Light was sending signals to let the Dark know they knew his birthday was coming and was looking for Shoman. They were not going to stop until they found him and Jessica. Eric went back and forth between telling Jessica who she was and keeping his promise to stay away. How could he do that when she kept showing up? Really even she did not know why she had such a huge pull to speak with him or be near him. Seriously, they were fighting destiny.

The battle between Darthon and Shoman was what the future boiled down to. What a fight it was? Thompson did an awesome job of creating scenes that left me breathless and heart pounding as though I too was in battle. The only battle I was fighting was knowing I would soon come to the end and I did not know who would still be alive when I got there. Blood did shed. It is a trilogy after all and Seconds Before Sunrise is book two, so someone had to have survived the battle. Who died and who survived to see another day?

I totally enjoyed this second installment to The Timely Death Trilogy. The only thing I can say is readers must read Minutes Before Sunset first or they will be missing some important information. While I do believe anyone could enjoy the story as is, it is much better to have the background of all the characters, so their behaviors make sense. I cannot wait to read the final installment in this series. I can truly say I will miss the characters and the drama that plagues their lives.

I received a free copy of the book for an honest review.

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