Inkwell and Paper

A is for “All I Need” by Method Man & Mary J. Blige

Recently, as recent as a few days ago, I was in the hospital. If it wasn’t for my co-workers and my husband, I don’t think I would be here now to do the A-to-Z challenge. My husband is not perfect, but definitely all I need to get by.

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That’s not what I had planned for my A-to-Z challenge, so here goes my 79 word story for today.

She wandered from each storefront window wanting and longing. She never wanted to be known as needy, but it was cold. She was cold hungry and tried. Homeless at thirteen, who saw that coming?

If anyone were to asks her, how this occurred, she wouldn’t know what to tell them, because she didn’t know. The only thing she knew was all she needed to get by was a warm bed and something to eat. Nothing else mattered for now.



  Lainey wrote @

That was a very evocative story, thank you for posting that. Good way to kick off the challenge….hope you are on the mend now 😉

  bizarrejc wrote @

Thanks Lainey! Slowly, I am.

  MPax (@mpax1) wrote @

I hope you’re doing all right now. A sad and provocative little story. Thanks for sharing it. Untethered Realms

  bizarrejc wrote @

Slowly mending.

  akaimiko wrote @

:(…feel better!

  bizarrejc wrote @

Thank you!

  Laurel Holman wrote @

Great idea to use a song as a writing challenge. I am doing something similar with a photo and a phrase. But I haven’t limited myself to 79 words. That’s super challenging! Love what you did here in so few words. Great start. Glad to hear you are out of the hospital and in blogging shape!

  bizarrejc wrote @

Songs are inspiring, like photos. Thanks! I am slowly mending, but mending nonetheless.

  Makasha Dorsey wrote @

This is an awesome way to do the challenge. Then again, you’ve always rocked at 79ers. Loved the story.

  drowninmelancholy wrote @

This is a Great idea!!!

  bizarrejc wrote @

Thank you!

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