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K is for Kiss From a Rose by Seal

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Kim was excited about the letter she held in her hand. She couldn’t wait to share it with her family. Not looking where she was going she ran as fast as she could.

Tom, the next-door neighbor, always left his red wagon out on the sidewalk.

Unsuspecting Kim, ran straight into the red flyer which caused her to go sailing into the bushes.

It was her mother’s prize red rose bush.

The roses kissed her face. Kim’s blood dripping onto her shirt made her slow down. She realized her news wouldn’t be as exciting if she was severely hurt.

I almost wrote a story about a young man kissing a rose and placing it on his grandma’s grave. The words of this song.


  Michelle Wallace wrote @

This is an AMAZING song!
This is the first I’m hearing of 79 words stories… interesting…
I love your theme. It reminds me a little of my 2012 A to Z theme, which was 26 musically-inspired flash fiction pieces.
Nice to meet you via the A to Z challenge. 🙂
Writer In Transit

  bizarrejc wrote @

Great minds…thank you for stopping by.

  iseegoodthings wrote @

Leaving me wanting to know more!

  bizarrejc wrote @

You always want more. Lol.

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