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Z is for Zephyr and I by Suzanne Vega

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It’s been a long thirty days. Zephyr and I met by chance. He should’ve been gone, but his bad luck turned into our month long happiness. It truly was love at first sight.

We walked down A Street to Z Street, talking about the things we enjoyed about the last month. We admitted to some challenges and hiccups, but it was worth all the fun.

Our fun has come to an end and we are trying to decide where do we go from here.


  Lainey wrote @

Brilliant last post for the challenge! Congrats 😉

  bizarrejc wrote @

Thanks Lainey.

  Harliqueen wrote @

Congrats on getting through the challenge 😀

  bizarrejc wrote @

Thank you. Congrats to you.

  Alex Hurst wrote @

Congrats on completing the challenge! I almost posted Madonna’s “Ray of Light” because Zephyr is one of the prominent words…. great minds, indeed!

Sorry I wasn’t around your blog more during the challenge… You’re one of the blogs I am going to keep following now that the event is over though, so you can expect to see a lot more of me! 😉

  bizarrejc wrote @

Congrats to you on completing the challenge. I’m like you. I have to go back and catch up, as you can tell from my late comments in earlier posts. I will continue to check out your blog and a few others I’ve come across. I hope it doesn’t take me five hours to compile them like you did.
I have to check out some that you recommended, especially the poetry ones. I love poems.

  Alex Hurst wrote @

Definitely check out the poetry blogs then, and also my friend Miranda Stone. She blogs mostly poems at:

  bizarrejc wrote @

Thanks. I will check her out.

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