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A to Z Challenge Reflection

 I’m a survivor. It’s only befitting that I add a video with the same title, after all my entire A-to-Z challenge was based on song titles.

I accomplished my goal of posting a story (79-words story) using a title of a song to influence the story somehow.

I made some new blogging friends. They posted some interesting things and I look forward to reading more from their blogs in the future.

I found out about the challenge through Daily (W)rite. She had some really good stories influenced by pictures. She reminds me of a blog I’m a part of Snaps 1000 Words.

Once the challenge started, I came across:

Graphics by Alex Hurst.

Michelle Stanley – twisted fairy tales. These were fun to read. I need to catch up on a few.

Jean – She did an awesome fictionary. She made up words; defined, illustrated, and used them in a sentence.

Drown in Melancholy – favorite singers/bands. A lot of the people she talked about I never heard of.

Alex Hurst – a writer with a plethora of information to help make writers/authors better. I need to catch up on the posts, I didn’t get to read.

Laineyrain – She is a talented artists. You went outside her comfort zone.

Vikki at The View Outside – She’s an author. She used random words within a story.

NJ at Diary of an Aspiring Writer – She wrote about the books on her massive bookcase. She loves books like I do.

I know I have missed some. I have to try to find them. I had three friends to join me in this challenge. I’m so happy that they joined me. All three will use their posts to create books.

Makasha Dorsey – she focused on Autism. April is Autism Awareness month. I learned some good stuff from her.

PR Burson aka The Enduring Optimist  – Affirming words. She is very positive and up lifting.

Shonell Bacon at Gurrl on The Rise – She had positive uplifting, openness with bold expressions that caused you to think. I need to catch up on a few I missed.

I enjoyed this challenge. I wasn’t going to do it, due to some health issues, but I was already planned out and my three friends were doing it. They lit a fire under me and off I ran to the finish line. I look forward to doing this next year. I better start thinking of my topic for next year from now. I want to do something spectacular.

Until next time,

Happy Writing!


  Lainey wrote @

Brilliant post, congratulations on finishing the challenge. It was tough at the best of times never mind with health issues. Thanks for the shout-out 😉 I’m looking forward to checking out the other blogs you’ve mentioned – already love the Enduring Optimist! Look forward to seeing you on my reader 😉 x

  bizarrejc wrote @

🙂 It wasn’t easy at all, but perseverance to finish what I started helped me. With new readers of my blog, I have to remember to make time to write a post, no matter how small. Thank you for being interested enough to stick around.

  Lainey wrote @


  Lilian Druve wrote @


  bizarrejc wrote @


  Harliqueen wrote @

Well done for getting through the challenge! 🙂

  bizarrejc wrote @

Thank you. It was fun.

  Alex Hurst wrote @

Thanks so much for the mention! (I wish WordPress would send notifs when you link just the blog address, but alas, it has to be a specific page, like their About/Contact/Works page, etc… anyway, I found it!)

…I admit, I got a little giddy seeing my graphic in your post, and then my blog! Thank you so much for the mention. That means a lot to me. I’m hoping to get to know you better now that the buzz of the challenge is calming down!

  Alex Hurst wrote @

Also, CONGRATULATIONS! You ARE a survivor! 😀

  drowninmelancholy wrote @

Aww! Thanks for mentioning my post 🙂 I am flattered!

  bizarrejc wrote @

You’re welcome.

  clicksclan wrote @

Congratulations on completing the challenge. 🙂

  bizarrejc wrote @

Thank you.

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