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Book Review – Take Me Tomorrow by Shannon A. Thompson

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Heading: One Pill Makes a Difference

Take Me Tomorrow by Shannon A. Thompson is a book that unfolded like an action packed movie. It all began when a stranger walks onto Sophia’s property. She did not realize the few minutes she spent speaking to this wayward boy, would be the beginning of the change of her life. Sophia is quite interesting in her own rights. She lives her dad, who travels a lot for his work. The way and reason Sophia’s dad received his job made me tilt my head to side saying “oh really now!” Sophia is a nonsense, even though she is filled with fear, she will go head first into battle.

Here we have a state, which is not like the states we are familiar with, and a drug is causing a war. This drug is used to see things that will happen. Sophia and her three closest friends, Miles, Broden, and Lily find themselves mixed up in the middle of the war. Sophia finds that she does not truly know the people in her inner circle. Every time it seems like she is well aware of everything that is going on, another curveball is thrown her way. What is the big deal with this drug called tomo? The world we live in now is no stranger to drugs, so why is tomo causing an uprising? It is something that we all have and I believe it is very important to have.

While I was reading a few lines that I had to read more than once, because I liked them so much. “The emotional toll was enough to put me to sleep, but my anxiety was enough to keep me awake.” I feel like this more than I realize. I think that is what causes my insomnia. My brain is on emotional overload, but those emotions are causing me some anxiety. The characters in Take Me Tomorrow did not sleep soundly. They had a lot going on. Their adrenaline did not have time to slow down. Another quote is “Behind his gaze was a memory that I wanted to snatch from him.” I thought this was funny even though it was a serious thought. Immediately I envisioned Sophia coming up with a creative way to retrieve a memory that she wanted for herself.

As I got into the story, the more was revealed about all the characters and I found myself at times saying that is scandalous. Lyn, one of the secondary characters is my favorite. She was tattooed and could talk her way out of stuff, while having a serious face with a hidden agenda behind her eyes. All the characters were well developed, but the little I knew about Lyn makes me want a story for her about how she ended up in the Kansas region and why.

Take Me Tomorrow could easily be adapted to fit a movie screen. I would be there to watch these four friends accept the mission of that will change life for all of them. I really enjoyed Thompson’s creation. There are a few editing issues, but nothing that would take away from the story. In fairness, I will say I do not remember if the copy the author provided was an uncorrected proof or not. I checked what I had and I did not see where it was marked as such. I recommend Take Me Tomorrow to readers of YA science fiction and dystopian books. They will not be disappointed.

The author provided a .pdf copy for review purposes.

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  Shannon A Thompson wrote @

Thank you for reading Take Me Tomorrow!

  bizarrejc wrote @

You’re welcome. It was a great read.

  Shannon A Thompson wrote @

I meant to mention that I am truly grateful that you pointed out your favorite quotes, and I have added them to the Goodreads list of favorited quotes by readers:

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