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Noni vs. Katniss

I usually don’t go to see two movies in one week and definitely see one during the week. However, this week I did the unexpected, by the force of my husband. He thinks I work really hard all the time and save no time for fun or something relaxing.

Image from Beyond the Lights Facebook page.

On Thursday, we went to see, Beyond the Lights.
We enjoyed it so much. Here you have Noni and Kaz, from two different walks of life. He is an officer of the law, looking to enter into politics. She is a singer, who is doing whatever she can to be a superstar. When they met by a desperate moment for her to get out of life and him to save a life, no one knew they would see something in each other. But they did!

Noni started out her journey to fame in a contest singing Nina Simone’s Blackbird. It’s always amazing how one moment in time can shape the rest of a person’s life. Nina Simone’s song meant the same thing to mother and daughter, they didn’t even realize it.

I like the carefulness of how Kaz dealt with Noni’s emotional turmoil. I don’t want to ruin the movie for anyone, but when the credits rolled, I shed a couple of tears. This was a fairytale without the royalty. What if the evil you battled was the need to do what others told you to do even if it tore you apart to do it?

Image is from Mockingjay’s Facebook page.

On Friday, we took our three children to see Mockingjay, Part 1. We’ve always gone as a family to see the previous Hunger Games movies. We went around the same time as the night before. I was not so impressed with this movie. So much so, I kept dozing off. I didn’t mean to, but I did. Every now and again, I would wake up to another dreary lack luster piece of action. The best part to me was when Katniss used an arrow to show down the planes that were bombing District 8.

We will wait for the last movie. I’m certain all the action will be in that one. How do I know this, because Harry Potter happened the same way. The second to last movie suffered from lack of action, but the last one was action packed. I hope I don’t regret going to see the last movie.

In the case of Noni vs. Katniss, Noni wins hands down. My hubby agreed that Beyond the Lights was better than the other movie.

Did you see either of these movies? What did you think? Share with me.


Review- Worth the Risk by Stacy-Deanne

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Heading: We All Need Love

In Stacy-Deanne’s Worth the Risk, Alvin Zak is the music editor for a local newspaper. One evening he went to hear Madeline Deever, a violinist, perform and he was taken a back. Her talent was mesmerizing and soul touching. Besides how passionate and could with the music she was, Alvin noticed her beauty. However, Madeline has a shocker for Alvin, will he still want to take the risk?

Madeline lives a simple life. She does what she loves by playing the violin. She is also a very private person. When Alvin approached her after her concert for an interview, naturally she turned him. The more he pursued her the more Madeline realized she was a interested in him. However, Madeline was dealing with something and knew in her heart Alvin would not understand, no one ever does. What is she hiding?

Stacy-Deanne is known for her romance, detective mysteries. With Worth the Risk, she stepped out and used her platform to remind readers that everyone needs and deserves to be loved. This message needs to be heard by everyone, including the person who is spending every moment avoiding love because she believes no one will love her due to the situation she is dealing with. Everyone she read Worth the Risk for enjoyment and a reminder of the importance of true love.

The author provided a .pdf copy of the book for review purposes.

Jennifer Coissiere

Words Mosaic Reviews

Review- What Grows in the Garden by Stacy-Deanne

Amazon: 5

Heading: Love Never Wilted

In What Grows in the Garden by Stacy-Deanne, Elle Baron loved Harper Sobieski for as long as she could remember. To her there would be wedding bells and an extension to their family, however, when Harper moved away Elle found herself in utter wonderment. Life had to move on and years go by, and then Harper comes back. For Elle, wrapping her mind around him being there meant she would have to address the feelings she had for him. Most importantly, why did Harper come back?

Harper is back in his hometown of Sunset, Texas. When he first left Sunset and all his family and friends behind it was nothing that anyone had done. He was all about being successful and wealthy. However, love does not always come with money, especially when Harper left behind the love of his life. Now that he has returned home he wants more than ever to have Elle back in his arms. Will Harper find a way to get back into Elle’s heart?

Stacy-Deanne’s novella is perfect lunch hour story. All the parts are necessary to move the story along, no fluff to extend the word count. What Grows in the Garden is a story that made me reflect on the important things in any relationship. I recommend this story to anyone looking for a quick romantic read.

The author provided a .pdf copy for review purposes.

Jennifer Coissiere
Words Mosaic Reviews

Book Review – Take Me Tomorrow by Shannon A. Thompson

Amazon: 5

Heading: One Pill Makes a Difference

Take Me Tomorrow by Shannon A. Thompson is a book that unfolded like an action packed movie. It all began when a stranger walks onto Sophia’s property. She did not realize the few minutes she spent speaking to this wayward boy, would be the beginning of the change of her life. Sophia is quite interesting in her own rights. She lives her dad, who travels a lot for his work. The way and reason Sophia’s dad received his job made me tilt my head to side saying “oh really now!” Sophia is a nonsense, even though she is filled with fear, she will go head first into battle.

Here we have a state, which is not like the states we are familiar with, and a drug is causing a war. This drug is used to see things that will happen. Sophia and her three closest friends, Miles, Broden, and Lily find themselves mixed up in the middle of the war. Sophia finds that she does not truly know the people in her inner circle. Every time it seems like she is well aware of everything that is going on, another curveball is thrown her way. What is the big deal with this drug called tomo? The world we live in now is no stranger to drugs, so why is tomo causing an uprising? It is something that we all have and I believe it is very important to have.

While I was reading a few lines that I had to read more than once, because I liked them so much. “The emotional toll was enough to put me to sleep, but my anxiety was enough to keep me awake.” I feel like this more than I realize. I think that is what causes my insomnia. My brain is on emotional overload, but those emotions are causing me some anxiety. The characters in Take Me Tomorrow did not sleep soundly. They had a lot going on. Their adrenaline did not have time to slow down. Another quote is “Behind his gaze was a memory that I wanted to snatch from him.” I thought this was funny even though it was a serious thought. Immediately I envisioned Sophia coming up with a creative way to retrieve a memory that she wanted for herself.

As I got into the story, the more was revealed about all the characters and I found myself at times saying that is scandalous. Lyn, one of the secondary characters is my favorite. She was tattooed and could talk her way out of stuff, while having a serious face with a hidden agenda behind her eyes. All the characters were well developed, but the little I knew about Lyn makes me want a story for her about how she ended up in the Kansas region and why.

Take Me Tomorrow could easily be adapted to fit a movie screen. I would be there to watch these four friends accept the mission of that will change life for all of them. I really enjoyed Thompson’s creation. There are a few editing issues, but nothing that would take away from the story. In fairness, I will say I do not remember if the copy the author provided was an uncorrected proof or not. I checked what I had and I did not see where it was marked as such. I recommend Take Me Tomorrow to readers of YA science fiction and dystopian books. They will not be disappointed.

The author provided a .pdf copy for review purposes.

Jennifer Coissiere

Words Mosaic Reviews

Book Review – Disturbed by Stacy-Deanne

Amazon: 4
Words Mosaic: 4.5

Heading: Who Did It?

The gang is together again in Stacy-Deanne’s Disturbed, the third installment in the Bruised series. Detective Winston Lewis is not a stranger to investigating a crime and using the evidence to make an arrest. Winston is a detective first and foremost, so doing his job correctly is tested when the evidence points at a friend and fellow detective. The thing that makes it worse, Winston has some feelings building up toward Detective Lisa Swanson, the suspect of murder. The problem for the two of them is more than just the investigation, Jake, Lisa’s boyfriend might have an issue with Winston pining over his woman. Can Winston control himself and respect Lisa and Jake’s relationship?

Lisa cannot believe what is happening to her. She knows she did not kill Devon Barnes, but she did not know who was out to get her. While trying to fight for her freedom, she is battling with Winston’s advancement. She tries talking to her best friend, Detective Dee Quarter, but something is bothering Dee and she is snappy. Then Lisa has Jake ready and wanting to take their relationship to next level. With so much going on in her life, will Lisa be able to keep her sanity?

Disturbed is an interracial, romantic suspense. The entire series is filled with crime and romance that brings additional tension to the story. Stacy-Deanne has a way with her characters. They battle with real-life hardships and still try to stay professional and focused. There were a few editing mistakes; however it did not take away from the story. I recommend this quick read to anyone looking an e-book mystery romance.

I received a .pdf copy of the book for review purposes.

Jennifer Coissiere
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Seconds Before Sunrise Review

Shannon A. Thompson will one day be a famous New York Times Bestselling author. Her books are wonderfully written. I had the pleasure of reading the second book in her Timely Death Trilogy and I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the first book. Below you will find my review of the second book. To read my review on the first book see my previous post here. Also check out her blog, she has some interesting things to share. She interacts with her readers a lot. That’s another positive thing about her.

Shannon A. Thompson has successfully produce an equally as intense sequel as the first book in The Timely Death Trilogy. Seconds Before Sunrise begins with Jessica Taylor totally unaware of who she really was. She was a typical teenage, doing what teenagers do-hanging out with her friends. However, Jessica was experiencing some emotions and dreams that seemed all too real. She was embarrassed to tell anyone, but she did anyway. The most unlikely of people listened carefully without judgement and soothe her mind.

Eric Welborn was trying to do as he had promised. However, it is not very easy to stay away from the one you love when you are table mates in homeroom. Jessica talked to him with ease. She did not realize how anything she said or did affected him. He was a good friend to a certain extent. When something unexpectedly happened to Eric, Jessica was there to show she cared, even though she had no clue as to why she was doing it. She tried to deny what she was feeling until Crystal pointed it out to. What did all her feelings really mean?

Eric’s birthday was nearing. Everyone was on pins on needles. The Light was sending signals to let the Dark know they knew his birthday was coming and was looking for Shoman. They were not going to stop until they found him and Jessica. Eric went back and forth between telling Jessica who she was and keeping his promise to stay away. How could he do that when she kept showing up? Really even she did not know why she had such a huge pull to speak with him or be near him. Seriously, they were fighting destiny.

The battle between Darthon and Shoman was what the future boiled down to. What a fight it was? Thompson did an awesome job of creating scenes that left me breathless and heart pounding as though I too was in battle. The only battle I was fighting was knowing I would soon come to the end and I did not know who would still be alive when I got there. Blood did shed. It is a trilogy after all and Seconds Before Sunrise is book two, so someone had to have survived the battle. Who died and who survived to see another day?

I totally enjoyed this second installment to The Timely Death Trilogy. The only thing I can say is readers must read Minutes Before Sunset first or they will be missing some important information. While I do believe anyone could enjoy the story as is, it is much better to have the background of all the characters, so their behaviors make sense. I cannot wait to read the final installment in this series. I can truly say I will miss the characters and the drama that plagues their lives.

I received a free copy of the book for an honest review.

Jennifer Coissiere
Words Mosaic Review

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Minutes Before Sunset Review

I learned about Shannon A. Thompson only because she had started following my blog. In turn, I began following hers. It’s been almost a year that we have been following each other. I’m not quite sure what I said that triggered her interest in what ramblings I have, but I’m happy we crossed each others path. If we didn’t I probably wouldn’t have known about her trilogy. She has been writing for as long as she could remember. She minds me of myself. She wrote because her mother told her to write to help her with her nightmares. I wrote to get my feelings out about the nightmare I was living. Check out her website here. She has a lot of great advice about writing and other interesting things. I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of Minutes Before Sunset to review. My review is below. Check out the review and the book when you get a chance. It’s good reading.Minutes Before Sunset by Shannon A. Thompson was an unexpected enjoyment young adult novel. We have all believe the light was always good and the dark was not so good. Well, Ms. Thompson goes against the grain by switching the position of the two. Eric Welborn is a shade. He is a member of the Dark and he is distant and angry. As I read, I understood the reason behind his anger. He was entitled to it, but that did not mean he had to also be a not quite a jerk, but close enough to one. What was his problem?

Jessica Taylor, moved to a new town, but it really is not a new town. Hayworth is where she was born and for some reason her adopted parents decided to move her back. With her return, the need to know more about her birth parents grows. She strikes a deal with her parents. Little did she know he end of the deal would depend on the angry Welborn. He cared about no one, but Jessica’s need was more important than he could guess. She would fight to get what she wanted. How will request to know more about her ancestry change her life?

Shoman and a nameless shade are getting to know each other. They are also defying the rules the Darks have. I could not help but to wonder if Shoman did this to have control, where he did not already possess any. His mission was to save his kind, but everyone around spoke in a manner that made him believe his life was the price he would have to pay to save the Darks. In a way he lived recklessly because he knew what his final outcome would be. Does he really know all of what is going on?

Ms. Thompson wrote from the point of view of her two main characters. I feel the first person point of view was essential to the telling of Minutes Before Sunset. Third person would have lost the emotions each character was going through. I cared about the secondary characters, but did not want to know how they were feeling. I enjoyed experiencing the joy and pain and every other emotion through the eyes of the two that mattered the most. I wish the story did not end.

I received an ebook copy for an honest review.

Jennifer Coissiere
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