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Fa-la-la-la Christmas Stories

I love watching Christmas movies. I’m sure in a few weeks, I will blog about The Christmas Story. I love Christmas music and looking at the decorations as I drive along.

Today’s post is about Christmas stories. Today I began reading All I Have to Give: A Christmas Story by Melody Carlson.

melodyI’m enjoying it so far, even if there is a hint of sadness. This kind of speaks to my life right now. There is a hint of sadness. It will be the first holiday season without my husband’s sister. We will miss her a lot.

This post is not about that. Trying to find the happiness and stay there. Anyway, I keep saying I want to write a Christmas story, but the only one. That was last year and I’m not sure where I posted it. The place I thought I posted it it’s not there. As soon as I remember the title, I will post it here. Until then I will try to write two more; one for this blog and one for the website (check it out. My writer, sister, friends, and I are creative with a limited amount of words.)

What is your favorite Christmas story? I can’t ever have enough to read.


His Heart – Short Story

I found out yesterday that May is National Short Story Month. You write a short story everyday of the month. I guess readers can put a spin on it and read one everyday. I’m going to try to do a combination of both. I’ve already missed two days, but I cannot go back in time to fix that, so I can only move forward. I will post a quick review of any short story that I read throughout the month, as well as the stories I will write.

I have wrote a short story that is mostly non-fiction with a bit of embellishment. I’m thinking about writing about my recent experience of my complications after surgery. I believe it was touch and go. I don’t want to do a memoir, but I am thinking of writing a novel that is based off my traumatic experience. My daughter said to title it “Cheating Death.”

Short Story Month #2


Any way here’s my first short story for the month.

He sat in the cold waiting room. His eyes drifted from the slip of paper the nurse had given him to the monitor hanging from the wall. He looked for the sequence of numbers that matched what was on the paper. Those numbers were very important.

“This will identify her and will tell where she is in the hospital,” the nurse said. “It keeps you updated.”

“Ok,” he replied, “How long will the surgery take?”

“Up to two hours.”

That’s what they had told him four hours ago. Now more than ever, he regretted declining her daughter’s request to sit and wait with him.

He closed his eyes and said a silent prayer. God if you can hear me, please keep her safe. Don’t take her from the kids or me. She’s all we have. I don’t usually ask for anything, but today I am requesting a priceless gem. Thank you, Lord. A loving husband.

“Mr. Gregory,” called out the doctor.

He jumped up, glancing quickly upward. Thank you, he mouthed.

She extended her hand. “Hi, I’m Dr. Duvall. Everything went great with Marsha’s surgery. As soon as, she wakes up you will be able to see her.”

“Thank you so much,” he said. The weight of panic and worry lifted off his shoulders.


“Mrs. Gregory, it’s time to wake up now,” the nurse called. “You’re surgery is all over. You need to open your eyes.” She tapped her hands repeatedly.

Pure oxygen was blowing in her face. Her eyelids were heavy and all she wanted to do was to sleep for a little while longer.

“Your husband is waiting for you in your room, but you have to wake up first.”

“Cold- I’m cold,” she said through chattering teeth. Her body was shaking uncontrollably.

The recovery room nurse, hook up a machine that blew warm air into the gown she was wearing. “Is that better?”

“Yes. Thank you.” Her body still shivered, but it was getting better. “What time is it?” She squinted at the clock on the wall above the open doorway.

“It’s four o’clock and your husband is waiting to see you. We’re going to take you to your room now.”


The gurney travelled over lumps and bumps. Each rattle of the wheels made her moan. It was difficult to brace herself for the next rise in the floor, because the anesthesia was still in her system and she wanted to sleep just a little bit longer.

“Here we are,” the patient care technician, said who transported her from the recovery room to the room she would stay in overnight.

She saw him. His eyes looked a little sad.

Her saw her. She looked tired, but he smiled to not worry her. He was happy to see her.

“Come here,” she said reaching for him. “I want to touch your face.”

He bent down so she could touch him. She whispered, “I’m ok.”

That’s what he needed her reassurance that she was fine and everything would be as it was, if not better.

Thank you for hearing my plea he thought. My heart is ok.

J is Just Kickin’ It by Xscape

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Laden down with grocery bags, Julie walked into the house. Videogames, again, she thought.

“Kent, did you look for a job today?”

His attention still on the game he said, “Nothing was in the paper.”

Julie walked back to the door, there the paper sat on the lawn. “How would you know if it’s still out there?” she asked. “What have you done today?”

“I’ve been kickin’ it with my friends.”

“I get it,” she said, “Another day of you doing nothing.”

G is for Giving You the Best That I Got by Anita Baker

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Amanda walked down the aisle, slower than any bride has ever done. She wanted to prolong her marriage Jonas. Her life of unhappiness would begin with two simple words…I do.

Yes, she was the youngest, but no one told her before now, she would be the trophy to a man old enough to be her grandfather.


Amanda felt bile rising in her throat. She swallowed hard to keep it down.

She remembered the last night’s conversation. Denise said, “We’re giving him the best that our family has to offer.”  

“You will pay,” she whispered looking at Denise.

D is for Don’t Know What You Got by Cinderella

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I never heard of this song before. Listened to it and got nothing, but the title made me remember something from my childhood. Here’s the 79-word story that is based off that event. It was a little over my word count.


Dried on pink stuff covered Dot’s face. She sat on her front steps watching as the other neighborhood kids played.

I knew how she felt; that I had been me a week ago.

“Hey,” I said, “I’ll play with you. I had that last week.”

“Don’t April!” That was my older brother shouting. “You didn’t have chicken pox.”

“Yes, I did!”

I sat next to her.

“I don’t know what you got, but I’m your friend.”

A week later my itching began. I guess he was right.

C is for Can’t Fight The Moonlight by LeAnn Rimes

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Carina sat atop the mountain. The full moon was completely in view. She enjoyed being here, in this place, every month.

She sucked in a breath when she saw him come.

He was at the edge of the water.  His transformation had already begun.

Carina reached out her hand, but knew she did not have the courage to get any closer. He was a werewolf. They couldn’t fight the moonlight, but she was there when the sun came up.

Snaps 1000

I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying a picture is worth a 1000 words. Well, a couple of friends and I have taken this literally. Yes, we are taking pictures and writing stories that revolve around the pictures…inspired by them.

My story “Species in a Jar” is the debut to the website and the idea. Please head on over to Snaps 1000 and find out about the Snappers and read the stories. A new story will be available every Monday. You don’t want to miss out. Subscribe so you won’t ever miss a new post. Leave comments. We love those.

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