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Book Review – Take Me Tomorrow by Shannon A. Thompson

Amazon: 5

Heading: One Pill Makes a Difference

Take Me Tomorrow by Shannon A. Thompson is a book that unfolded like an action packed movie. It all began when a stranger walks onto Sophia’s property. She did not realize the few minutes she spent speaking to this wayward boy, would be the beginning of the change of her life. Sophia is quite interesting in her own rights. She lives her dad, who travels a lot for his work. The way and reason Sophia’s dad received his job made me tilt my head to side saying “oh really now!” Sophia is a nonsense, even though she is filled with fear, she will go head first into battle.

Here we have a state, which is not like the states we are familiar with, and a drug is causing a war. This drug is used to see things that will happen. Sophia and her three closest friends, Miles, Broden, and Lily find themselves mixed up in the middle of the war. Sophia finds that she does not truly know the people in her inner circle. Every time it seems like she is well aware of everything that is going on, another curveball is thrown her way. What is the big deal with this drug called tomo? The world we live in now is no stranger to drugs, so why is tomo causing an uprising? It is something that we all have and I believe it is very important to have.

While I was reading a few lines that I had to read more than once, because I liked them so much. “The emotional toll was enough to put me to sleep, but my anxiety was enough to keep me awake.” I feel like this more than I realize. I think that is what causes my insomnia. My brain is on emotional overload, but those emotions are causing me some anxiety. The characters in Take Me Tomorrow did not sleep soundly. They had a lot going on. Their adrenaline did not have time to slow down. Another quote is “Behind his gaze was a memory that I wanted to snatch from him.” I thought this was funny even though it was a serious thought. Immediately I envisioned Sophia coming up with a creative way to retrieve a memory that she wanted for herself.

As I got into the story, the more was revealed about all the characters and I found myself at times saying that is scandalous. Lyn, one of the secondary characters is my favorite. She was tattooed and could talk her way out of stuff, while having a serious face with a hidden agenda behind her eyes. All the characters were well developed, but the little I knew about Lyn makes me want a story for her about how she ended up in the Kansas region and why.

Take Me Tomorrow could easily be adapted to fit a movie screen. I would be there to watch these four friends accept the mission of that will change life for all of them. I really enjoyed Thompson’s creation. There are a few editing issues, but nothing that would take away from the story. In fairness, I will say I do not remember if the copy the author provided was an uncorrected proof or not. I checked what I had and I did not see where it was marked as such. I recommend Take Me Tomorrow to readers of YA science fiction and dystopian books. They will not be disappointed.

The author provided a .pdf copy for review purposes.

Jennifer Coissiere

Words Mosaic Reviews


A to Z Challenge Reflection

 I’m a survivor. It’s only befitting that I add a video with the same title, after all my entire A-to-Z challenge was based on song titles.

I accomplished my goal of posting a story (79-words story) using a title of a song to influence the story somehow.

I made some new blogging friends. They posted some interesting things and I look forward to reading more from their blogs in the future.

I found out about the challenge through Daily (W)rite. She had some really good stories influenced by pictures. She reminds me of a blog I’m a part of Snaps 1000 Words.

Once the challenge started, I came across:

Graphics by Alex Hurst.

Michelle Stanley – twisted fairy tales. These were fun to read. I need to catch up on a few.

Jean – She did an awesome fictionary. She made up words; defined, illustrated, and used them in a sentence.

Drown in Melancholy – favorite singers/bands. A lot of the people she talked about I never heard of.

Alex Hurst – a writer with a plethora of information to help make writers/authors better. I need to catch up on the posts, I didn’t get to read.

Laineyrain – She is a talented artists. You went outside her comfort zone.

Vikki at The View Outside – She’s an author. She used random words within a story.

NJ at Diary of an Aspiring Writer – She wrote about the books on her massive bookcase. She loves books like I do.

I know I have missed some. I have to try to find them. I had three friends to join me in this challenge. I’m so happy that they joined me. All three will use their posts to create books.

Makasha Dorsey – she focused on Autism. April is Autism Awareness month. I learned some good stuff from her.

PR Burson aka The Enduring Optimist  – Affirming words. She is very positive and up lifting.

Shonell Bacon at Gurrl on The Rise – She had positive uplifting, openness with bold expressions that caused you to think. I need to catch up on a few I missed.

I enjoyed this challenge. I wasn’t going to do it, due to some health issues, but I was already planned out and my three friends were doing it. They lit a fire under me and off I ran to the finish line. I look forward to doing this next year. I better start thinking of my topic for next year from now. I want to do something spectacular.

Until next time,

Happy Writing!

His Heart – Short Story

I found out yesterday that May is National Short Story Month. You write a short story everyday of the month. I guess readers can put a spin on it and read one everyday. I’m going to try to do a combination of both. I’ve already missed two days, but I cannot go back in time to fix that, so I can only move forward. I will post a quick review of any short story that I read throughout the month, as well as the stories I will write.

I have wrote a short story that is mostly non-fiction with a bit of embellishment. I’m thinking about writing about my recent experience of my complications after surgery. I believe it was touch and go. I don’t want to do a memoir, but I am thinking of writing a novel that is based off my traumatic experience. My daughter said to title it “Cheating Death.”

Short Story Month #2


Any way here’s my first short story for the month.

He sat in the cold waiting room. His eyes drifted from the slip of paper the nurse had given him to the monitor hanging from the wall. He looked for the sequence of numbers that matched what was on the paper. Those numbers were very important.

“This will identify her and will tell where she is in the hospital,” the nurse said. “It keeps you updated.”

“Ok,” he replied, “How long will the surgery take?”

“Up to two hours.”

That’s what they had told him four hours ago. Now more than ever, he regretted declining her daughter’s request to sit and wait with him.

He closed his eyes and said a silent prayer. God if you can hear me, please keep her safe. Don’t take her from the kids or me. She’s all we have. I don’t usually ask for anything, but today I am requesting a priceless gem. Thank you, Lord. A loving husband.

“Mr. Gregory,” called out the doctor.

He jumped up, glancing quickly upward. Thank you, he mouthed.

She extended her hand. “Hi, I’m Dr. Duvall. Everything went great with Marsha’s surgery. As soon as, she wakes up you will be able to see her.”

“Thank you so much,” he said. The weight of panic and worry lifted off his shoulders.


“Mrs. Gregory, it’s time to wake up now,” the nurse called. “You’re surgery is all over. You need to open your eyes.” She tapped her hands repeatedly.

Pure oxygen was blowing in her face. Her eyelids were heavy and all she wanted to do was to sleep for a little while longer.

“Your husband is waiting for you in your room, but you have to wake up first.”

“Cold- I’m cold,” she said through chattering teeth. Her body was shaking uncontrollably.

The recovery room nurse, hook up a machine that blew warm air into the gown she was wearing. “Is that better?”

“Yes. Thank you.” Her body still shivered, but it was getting better. “What time is it?” She squinted at the clock on the wall above the open doorway.

“It’s four o’clock and your husband is waiting to see you. We’re going to take you to your room now.”


The gurney travelled over lumps and bumps. Each rattle of the wheels made her moan. It was difficult to brace herself for the next rise in the floor, because the anesthesia was still in her system and she wanted to sleep just a little bit longer.

“Here we are,” the patient care technician, said who transported her from the recovery room to the room she would stay in overnight.

She saw him. His eyes looked a little sad.

Her saw her. She looked tired, but he smiled to not worry her. He was happy to see her.

“Come here,” she said reaching for him. “I want to touch your face.”

He bent down so she could touch him. She whispered, “I’m ok.”

That’s what he needed her reassurance that she was fine and everything would be as it was, if not better.

Thank you for hearing my plea he thought. My heart is ok.

Book Review – Disturbed by Stacy-Deanne

Amazon: 4
Words Mosaic: 4.5

Heading: Who Did It?

The gang is together again in Stacy-Deanne’s Disturbed, the third installment in the Bruised series. Detective Winston Lewis is not a stranger to investigating a crime and using the evidence to make an arrest. Winston is a detective first and foremost, so doing his job correctly is tested when the evidence points at a friend and fellow detective. The thing that makes it worse, Winston has some feelings building up toward Detective Lisa Swanson, the suspect of murder. The problem for the two of them is more than just the investigation, Jake, Lisa’s boyfriend might have an issue with Winston pining over his woman. Can Winston control himself and respect Lisa and Jake’s relationship?

Lisa cannot believe what is happening to her. She knows she did not kill Devon Barnes, but she did not know who was out to get her. While trying to fight for her freedom, she is battling with Winston’s advancement. She tries talking to her best friend, Detective Dee Quarter, but something is bothering Dee and she is snappy. Then Lisa has Jake ready and wanting to take their relationship to next level. With so much going on in her life, will Lisa be able to keep her sanity?

Disturbed is an interracial, romantic suspense. The entire series is filled with crime and romance that brings additional tension to the story. Stacy-Deanne has a way with her characters. They battle with real-life hardships and still try to stay professional and focused. There were a few editing mistakes; however it did not take away from the story. I recommend this quick read to anyone looking an e-book mystery romance.

I received a .pdf copy of the book for review purposes.

Jennifer Coissiere
Words Mosaic Review

Z is for Zephyr and I by Suzanne Vega

A-Z Banner

It’s been a long thirty days. Zephyr and I met by chance. He should’ve been gone, but his bad luck turned into our month long happiness. It truly was love at first sight.

We walked down A Street to Z Street, talking about the things we enjoyed about the last month. We admitted to some challenges and hiccups, but it was worth all the fun.

Our fun has come to an end and we are trying to decide where do we go from here.

Y is for Yellow by India Arie

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Daffodils, sunflowers, and yellow roses were planted in Yesenia’s yard.

Yellow was her calming color.

She lived in turmoil inside her head. When the medicines didn’t work a bouquet of yellow flowers calmed her.

They calmed her, because yellow was connected to the memory of her mother. She loved her mama. Her mother gave her lemon drops on bad days and lemonade on hot summer days.

When she laid in her mother’s bed it smelled lemony fresh.

Her mama was gone now, but she still had yellow.

X is for X-Girlfriend by Mariah Carey

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Dear X-Girlfriend,

I’m sorry to break up with you this way, but it’s time for me to move on. I’ve read about the reason, season, and lifetime and I was a season. It’s time for me to go.

I’m sorry.



Dear X,

While you took the time to write me, I had already sense the change of the wind and changed direction. Your best friend is a lifetime and I truly didn’t think to take the time to say it’s over.

I’m not sorry.


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