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Hair Mistake

Back in 2009, I decided to have sisterlocks installed into my hair. Then after four years, I decided to remove them. Boy was I a fool for doing that. My locks were almost in the middle of my back, when I got rid of them. I have long since learned, I cannot comb my crazy hair everyday. Those days where I could deal with the thickness has come and gone.

I’ve been begging to have my sisterlocks reinstalled. My family gave me that as a birthday gift. I need to call the lady and schedule the time to have them done. I can’t wait to be comb free again.

This will be my third and final set of locks. I’ve learned my lesson. I can’t do my own hair everyday. I may have to wait until I have my next break from work, but I’ve waited this long, so I can wait for a few more weeks.

Have you ever changed your hairstyle only to regret it later?

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