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Noni vs. Katniss

I usually don’t go to see two movies in one week and definitely see one during the week. However, this week I did the unexpected, by the force of my husband. He thinks I work really hard all the time and save no time for fun or something relaxing.

Image from Beyond the Lights Facebook page.

On Thursday, we went to see, Beyond the Lights.
We enjoyed it so much. Here you have Noni and Kaz, from two different walks of life. He is an officer of the law, looking to enter into politics. She is a singer, who is doing whatever she can to be a superstar. When they met by a desperate moment for her to get out of life and him to save a life, no one knew they would see something in each other. But they did!

Noni started out her journey to fame in a contest singing Nina Simone’s Blackbird. It’s always amazing how one moment in time can shape the rest of a person’s life. Nina Simone’s song meant the same thing to mother and daughter, they didn’t even realize it.

I like the carefulness of how Kaz dealt with Noni’s emotional turmoil. I don’t want to ruin the movie for anyone, but when the credits rolled, I shed a couple of tears. This was a fairytale without the royalty. What if the evil you battled was the need to do what others told you to do even if it tore you apart to do it?

Image is from Mockingjay’s Facebook page.

On Friday, we took our three children to see Mockingjay, Part 1. We’ve always gone as a family to see the previous Hunger Games movies. We went around the same time as the night before. I was not so impressed with this movie. So much so, I kept dozing off. I didn’t mean to, but I did. Every now and again, I would wake up to another dreary lack luster piece of action. The best part to me was when Katniss used an arrow to show down the planes that were bombing District 8.

We will wait for the last movie. I’m certain all the action will be in that one. How do I know this, because Harry Potter happened the same way. The second to last movie suffered from lack of action, but the last one was action packed. I hope I don’t regret going to see the last movie.

In the case of Noni vs. Katniss, Noni wins hands down. My hubby agreed that Beyond the Lights was better than the other movie.

Did you see either of these movies? What did you think? Share with me.

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