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Review- What Grows in the Garden by Stacy-Deanne

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Heading: Love Never Wilted

In What Grows in the Garden by Stacy-Deanne, Elle Baron loved Harper Sobieski for as long as she could remember. To her there would be wedding bells and an extension to their family, however, when Harper moved away Elle found herself in utter wonderment. Life had to move on and years go by, and then Harper comes back. For Elle, wrapping her mind around him being there meant she would have to address the feelings she had for him. Most importantly, why did Harper come back?

Harper is back in his hometown of Sunset, Texas. When he first left Sunset and all his family and friends behind it was nothing that anyone had done. He was all about being successful and wealthy. However, love does not always come with money, especially when Harper left behind the love of his life. Now that he has returned home he wants more than ever to have Elle back in his arms. Will Harper find a way to get back into Elle’s heart?

Stacy-Deanne’s novella is perfect lunch hour story. All the parts are necessary to move the story along, no fluff to extend the word count. What Grows in the Garden is a story that made me reflect on the important things in any relationship. I recommend this story to anyone looking for a quick romantic read.

The author provided a .pdf copy for review purposes.

Jennifer Coissiere
Words Mosaic Reviews

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