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Stumped by Oil Pastel Vanish

We are constantly doing something crafty at my house. I like to make sure technology has not kidnapped the brains of my children. Sometimes we have to go back to the old things that worked years ago.

A couple weeks ago, I asked my sons to create a piece of art to fill in the wall space in our house. My house is definitely kid friendly. Most of the artwork was done by them and that’s what we used for the decorations.

Artwork done by my son, Xavier.

Artwork done by my son, Xavier.

My son worked on this all day. He did a sample drawing first on paper, then he used oil pastels to add it to a canvas. I know nothing about oil pastels. I asked my husband’s best friend, who is a talented artist what to use to preserve the artwork. He told us oil painting varnish. I went to the store got some. Asked the sales lady how to use it. I did it and stopped after I did the entire background. It looks like I ruined my son’s hard work. He said it was fine still, but I was afraid to touch the wolf with the stuff.

Xavier's wolf with the oil painting varnish.

Xavier’s wolf with the oil painting varnish.

To make matters worse, the varnish doesn’t seem to be drying. The bottle did not have any directions on how to use it. Xavier says that the wolf is popping out more now with the smeared background. I guess I can see that. I wish I knew if the varnish will ever dry. Now I need to get turpentine to get the vanish out of my paint brush.

What did I do wrong? Or do you agree with Xavier it looks fine?
I’m still on the fence with using oil pastels.

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