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Review- Worth the Risk by Stacy-Deanne

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Heading: We All Need Love

In Stacy-Deanne’s Worth the Risk, Alvin Zak is the music editor for a local newspaper. One evening he went to hear Madeline Deever, a violinist, perform and he was taken a back. Her talent was mesmerizing and soul touching. Besides how passionate and could with the music she was, Alvin noticed her beauty. However, Madeline has a shocker for Alvin, will he still want to take the risk?

Madeline lives a simple life. She does what she loves by playing the violin. She is also a very private person. When Alvin approached her after her concert for an interview, naturally she turned him. The more he pursued her the more Madeline realized she was a interested in him. However, Madeline was dealing with something and knew in her heart Alvin would not understand, no one ever does. What is she hiding?

Stacy-Deanne is known for her romance, detective mysteries. With Worth the Risk, she stepped out and used her platform to remind readers that everyone needs and deserves to be loved. This message needs to be heard by everyone, including the person who is spending every moment avoiding love because she believes no one will love her due to the situation she is dealing with. Everyone she read Worth the Risk for enjoyment and a reminder of the importance of true love.

The author provided a .pdf copy of the book for review purposes.

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