Inkwell and Paper

C is for Can’t Fight The Moonlight by LeAnn Rimes

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Carina sat atop the mountain. The full moon was completely in view. She enjoyed being here, in this place, every month.

She sucked in a breath when she saw him come.

He was at the edge of the water.  His transformation had already begun.

Carina reached out her hand, but knew she did not have the courage to get any closer. He was a werewolf. They couldn’t fight the moonlight, but she was there when the sun came up.

4 Comments» wrote @

Loved the song and movie. Brought back some memroies.

  bizarrejc wrote @

I love them, too.

  Wendy wrote @

I love the creativity of your theme. What a challenge!
Visiting from A to Z ~

  bizarrejc wrote @

Thank you. It’s definitely a challenge for some titles.

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